-See You Later, and Good Legs-

This year for National Poetry Writing Month, I’m taking a much more relaxed “at least one a week” approach rather than the poem-a-day frenzy. I am currently with frenzy-a-plenty elsewhere. So here’s my first one! Hope you enjoy.

-See You Later, and Good Legs-
Adding abdomen to her words,
she tells me “It’s just a figure of speech”
as if having a silhouette and calves
made diction innocent.
I wonder if I put too
much ankle in my
“I understand.” Or if I was more
speech than figure,
with my hand and my elbow clangoring.
One brown strand
flagellates out from
her hair, waving to
static in the room.
She says about the wine
being well legged
while my next sentence
pulls on armpits
and epidermal cells.
Her eyewhites flash:
be anywhere but this
vocal follicle.
Her shoulders
an excursus with the rest of the party.