the new hotness

My name is Pastor Tommy Richter. This is my blog. I hope you will read it as I have written it: in a cozy manner, with something warm to drink, and with a nice slow persistent eye. There are sermons here. There is poetry. There are bible studies. I write here whatever it is that I have to chew on at the time. That is why I have titled my blog “Muse Repast: Where the Feast is in Dreaming.” These will be the musings and repasts of my life. My creative writings, and my intellectual mullings over.

If my about page were written on a fast-food Chinese menu it would say this: My spirit animal is the turtle. I move slowly. My heart is in the giraffe. I carry a shell, but my stretchy neck is always looking toward the trees. I like to take my time so much that I show up places early, just so I can sit and breathe. I often take longer to do things than is expected of me, so if I am not early, I am late. But when I do things, I do them well and I do them with a verdure.  I like being surprised, but I hate being rushed. I like being challenged, but I will often retreat if I do not have support and time.

Other things to know about me: I am a philosopher, poet, Lutheran, drummer, and avid walking enthusiast. I like understatement. I listen and think more than I talk. My Hogwarts house is Hufflepuff. I am the type of frood who always knows where my towel is.  I am a never-bored, there are dozens of us! Like all Browncoats, I aim to misbehave. If my life was a movie, it’d be directed by Stephen Spielberg. Cheese is the best food, and it can always be improved by adding garlic and bread to it. This list is exhaustive. There are no more things about me.

Currently, I am serving in my first call at Shishmaref Lutheran Church in Shishmaref, Alaska.