-13 Reasons You Won’t Believe-

What happens next to
this dog chewing a garden hose?

Even a stick of butter
has no yellow lipids if it isn’t part numbered list;

it will grease none of your pans,
nor be largehips good on toast

because it is not worth enough up.
Spreading with knives

is something you need to unlearn.
Every trend says smothering is now done by survey.

What did you get? I have a scone,
baked with craisins. It means I am hungry

and Virgo is rising in my vanilla latte.
I have seismic eyes, my friends will be large thumbs.

The hose turns on, flails. Dog is cute and
drools like youtube.

And you won’t click on this.
I know because I used denial and second person.

Plastic is killing. So are you.
Who will guess what new

crumble will fall from my scone
or if my plate will catch it.