-Vernal Picket Line Shenanigans-

Watercoolers had a protest today
my spring windowfiction.
Rubbermaid stole the megaphone
and made loud chillhood memories
so I couldn’t hear the breeze.
It seems plant sex was too
risqué. Pollen a bill before its time.
I had just dusted off Robert’s Rules of
Shorts Wearing. And we are annealed.
I can barely remember
being molten and anyshape.
Ready to pour.
I had printed leaflets,
ready to drop their flowers
and sway in the trees.
Somewhere across the street
I could see you mouthing:
Fibrous and flint for picnics!
But I am awful at lip reading,
and cold fronts kept blocking
my line of sight.
At any rate, we wanted out of there.
Together we could bloom
radiators. Stretch out our metal coils
and convect.

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