-Sunny Vignettes-

The sun plays
doubles on a clay court,
while I open.

marches an upheaval-
sun closes blinds.

Thumbs on
antipasto plate scraping
crumbs into trash.

Sun rafters
support only dust,
contractors worry.

Place the eggs
next to the watermelon.
Wait, leave them in the basket.

Wary of its reflection,
sun shatters ocean
in disgust. Orders tequila.

She wears plaid
and is not afraid
of overalls.

A flat tire
and we are baffled
by the carjack.

Sun dry is
tamer than the sundry
it sunders.

Can’t carry
a sun with only
crash cymbals.

Oak branches
crease and fold
effulgent origami.

Coffee is
sun’s shadowself
only warming inward.

His galoshes
and duckprint