A Muse Repast: Lenten Beginnings

Lent is a good time to do new things. My new lenten thing is this blog. I have called it “Muse Repast.” By this title, I hope to give myself the permission to make this blog something of a quodlibet. A “what pleases” if you will. But I hope the title also says a little something about the content. Not that I will have much to say about food (although I do enjoy it religiously). The repast that I refer to is more a metaphorical“what there is to chew on at the time.” That is why it is a muse repast, and not, say, a cheesy one. So I hope this will be a place to share my musings. They will be sometimes philosophical, sometimes poetic, sometimes confessional (of faith), sometimes devotional,  sometimes whimsical, sometimes humourous and sometimes alien altogether.

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