-Bar Codes For The Dating of Last Week’s Milk-

The question

paper or plastic?

Is better in reference to

back massages.

In that case, plastic.

Go paper on the crevice

next to the canned tomatoes.

I would like my receipt

to use knuckles.

Don’t squash the sourdough.

Should I put raw meat in its own


Don’t tell me to have a nice day,

if you just nestled toothpaste in with cauliflower.

I already swiped my card,

and that mechanical click

hasn’t yet made a humm-clunk.

I wonder if I should have got

more bowtie pasta.

Those oblong plastic batons

make my unsalted butter

more distinct than

her TV dinners and frozen kale.

What am I making

for dinner? Perhaps

this shirt has too many stains to wear

in a salad.

I could have gotten a cart

but instead I thought my elbows

were crook enough for

a weekend.

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