-A Love Poem-

Think about your armpits.
Now stop.
Why did I say that?
Now there are hairy damps. Finger
vices. Bristling.

Like a car accident. The shatter.
Squirm metal, and now
we turn. Just above your
elbow a cockroach.
Everyone slows because
viscera slices are neckworthy.

We can puncture.
Or fold what skin should flatten.
And don’t mention toes.

Now, we need to talk.
It’s about you,
I mean, it’s about

I didn’t mean to laugh.
But under the wax paper,
just where your tail bone rubs;
there is prowess.

Someone hangs pimples
in their living room
just above a black leather
When the sun hits it,
your ankles move.

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