-The Merry Retch-

I heard about this poetry form, the beau present, today by following NaPoWriMo and I had to try it. It is a poem where you can only use words that contain letters available in a given name. I think my mistake was using my own name (Tommy Richter). It, this is not the poem I expected to write when starting with my name as a source of derivation. Also, it sounds way too high-English for my taste. But you can only do so much for sentence structure with nine possible letters. I might have done myself a favour if I used “Thomas” instead; I missed those A’s and S’s dearly. But I couldn’t resist the Y of Tommy…and this is what I got for it:


-The Merry Retch-
To cheer my memoir
I met the erotic other
itch. Tho it cry mythic,
I err to omit rye or tremor.

Her totemic core:
the critter heroic.
Mice or mote
echo my moth.

Thrice I commit the
torch to cohere.
Come, memory,
titter me.

To comet, or
chime my retort.
Yet, hither ire:

cry moo.
Riot more.