-Poetry Process And How To Guide-

Grind coffee beans
using a paper clip.
So the resulting bean dirt,
mostly bean,
could brew fly portions coffee.

Or perhaps wield a doorstop
to glue envelopes shut.
The thuds. The crumpling.
You mash and call for scotch,
or maybe tape.

Educe smiles by adipose cells
instead of muscle.
As if smirking was
something you did before.
Then breathe. Almost.

It takes.
Somehow a sponge is involved;
its porous pomposity.
Or more drink. Foam
gets all up in that.

Finally there’s a gag reflex.
And before you
Like caffeine,
rushed and delible.
As if some sense.
Hold backspace until
page is achromatic.

Take up knitting.

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